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Amador Cruise Port

Are you coming on a Cruise to Panama City? Let us help you!

Cruise Ports / Marina

There are two methods that Cruises use to disembark on the Pacific side of Panama City. The first one is Flamenco Resort & Marina, where you will take a Tender boat from your Cruise Ship to the Marina. This marina is the exact same where we depart from. If you book a tour with us, you should walk inside the main building, where you will find our staff wearing Red T-Shirts ready to check you in.  The second method is the New Amador Cruise Port Terminal. This port terminal is under construction (Feb 2023) so you cannot exit the terminal by foot. Instead you will be taken by bus (provided by the port) to Brisas de Amador. Brisas de Amador is about 0.75KM from Flamenco Resort and Marina, that means it could take about 15min walk, or 2 min taxi ride.

Below you will find a Map with all the locations.

– Amador Cruise Port (Under Construction)

– Brisas de Amador (Where the Cruise Port Shuttles drop passengers from the Cruise

– Flamenco Marina (Our departure dock, also some Cruises disembark passengers by Tenders on this Marina

Please consider that the Check-In time for our Taboga Island All-Inclusive Tour starts at 8:15a.m. and the embarkation is at 8:55a.m. sharp.

The tour ends at Flamenco Marina at 3:00 – 3:15p.m.

#1 Catamaran excursion in Panama.