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Taboga Island

Taboga Island also known as the Island of Flowers is a volcanic island about 20 km from Panama city. 

Taboga Island

Also known as the Island of Flowers, is a volcanic island about 20 km from Panama city. With our all inclusive tour you can visit the back side of this beautiful Island, which is an idyllic place to connect with nature and be amazed by stunning views while you swim in the middle of the ocean in very calm waters.

In our second stop you are able to visit the town and the beach side.

As soon as you disembark from the main dock, small shops, bars and restaurants are available for your entertainment.

As a very interest history fact, the church town is the second oldest of Latin America. The inside of the church is amazing, with ancient scriptures and beautiful decorations. From its tower you can get very beautiful views of Panama City.

There are 2 beaches you can visit called “Playa Honda” and “Playa La Restinga”.

With a low and high tide we recommend to visit Playa La Restinga, which is the biggest beach located at your right hand when disembarking form the Catamaran. With a medium tide we recommend you to visit Playa Honda, which is located to your left hand when disembarking the Catamaran. An interest fact is that at low tide, the northern end of the island is joined by a sand bar to the small island of El Morro.

You can’t leave Taboga Island without getting a souvenir or having a Piña Colada made in a real pineapple from Rancho Piña Colada, where our hydration spot is located.

The most important part of all is that with our 2 hour stop at Taboga Island you have more than enough time to visit the town, it’s beaches and enjoy the view of the big ships and Panama’s Skyscrapers.

#1 Catamaran excursion in Panama.